August 19, 2020


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Many of us are walking outdoors more than ever in the time of Covid-19, we are exploring our neighborhoods with greater interest and as we are walking we notice our surroundings more too. Have you been curious to know what trees are planted in your area? It turns out there is a resource for that, an online app to better help you understand and identify the urban forests which surround you.

If you are interested in tree identification in Salt Lake City you can visit an interactive online map here! The Salt Lake City Urban Forestry Program provides most services related to the maintenance of city trees. 

Salt Lake City urban forest consists of about 85,000 public trees including 63,000 street trees and 22,000 additional trees growing in parks and open spaces. These trees provide social, economic, aesthetic, and environmental benefits to the city. Salt Lake City Urban Forestry is responsible for the care and maintenance of the vibrant urban forest.

To find out more about a specific tree, click a dot on the map and bring urban forests to your fingertips.

Trees growing in the park strip between the sidewalk and the street are City trees, as well as all trees growing in parks. Some streets do not have park strips, but the trees along the street are still city trees. Call the Urban Forestry office with the address of the tree and we can determine if it is a City tree.

Enjoy tree identification and get exploring today!