September 24, 2020

ReTree SLC Launches As An Effort To Replant Lost City Trees

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 Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall and TreeUtah today announced ReTree SLC, a joint effort to replace thousands of trees lost throughout the city during the windstorm on September 7 and 8. The effort’s donation portal launched today and funds raised will go toward the replanting of the over 3,000 public trees that were damaged or lost within Salt Lake City boundaries.  

“All of us at TreeUtah are saddened by the devastating loss of trees during the storm, but it just heightens our dedication to plant as many trees as possible toward a healthy urban forest. The trees we plant now will provide a better quality of life in Salt Lake City for generations.” -Amy May, TU Executive Director

Trees in Salt Lake City parks were hit especially hard during the storm, with Liberty Park losing 69 trees and the Salt Lake City Cemetery losing 255 trees.

Donors to ReTree SLC have the ability to make single donations or sign up for an ongoing monthly contribution, and they can specify that their donation go towards replanting in a specific park, or wherever a tree is needed most.

Funds raised will directly help purchase trees that are selected to be hardy in the city’s urban environment for generations to come.

ReTree SLC will also include a volunteer effort through TreeUtah for the public to assist in planting trees. Everyone who contributes will be informed of planting opportunities via email and all TreeUtah events HERE.

Donations can be made to TreeUtah by clicking HERE!