December 08, 2020


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"Planting trees started as voluntary work for one of my classes at the U. Now the early, cold morning sounded a little bit hard, especially the colder the mornings got. But I cannot stress enough how refreshing it was to be out. With the strange year that we have had with Covid-19, being able to not only see, but interact with other people from all different types of background was so refreshing. Aiding Tree Utah in planting trees, started off as voluntary work that had to be done for a University course, but I can honestly say that as the winter months hopefully fly by, I will be getting back in contact with Tree Utah to have more volunteer opportunities. I can honestly say that planting trees was not only so beneficial for Utah, but it brought so much to me as an individual I will now be making it a part of my every yearly activities." TreeUtah Volunteer -Laurie-Anne Truchon-Thibeault