December 30, 2020

Time to plan(t) with TreeUtah!

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TreeUtah staff has a few short winter months to plan for the next tree planting season! We are working tirelessly because trees have many economic, environmental, and social benefits. They improve our lives and the places we live. There are many reasons to plant and care for trees. It's our season to plan projects for 2021, and the more donations we receive by the end of 2020, the more trees we can order and we will plant in the spring. As the old proverb goes: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

We plant large trees in public spaces throughout Utah including city parks and school playgrounds. This program works to build public awareness and understanding of the needs and values of healthy community urban forests. If your community group or business is interested in getting involved, consider sponsoring a group tree planting. Your commitment to sustainability will be recognized and you can leave a lasting impact on your local community.

We went beyond our planting goals, which were larger and bolder than even our blockbuster year of 2019! We did it by holding many more, smaller COVID-safe events with our dedicated volunteers, and with donations made by businesses and individuals that support TreeUtah. These trees immediately provide cooling shade, clean the air and water, and beautify our neighborhoods. We wouldn't be able to plant as many trees as we do without the support from donors like you. Thank you!

Did you know that donations up to $300 to TreeUtah (and any 501(c)(3) nonprofit) are tax-deductible this year even if you don't itemize your taxes? It's part of the CARES Act and is a great incentive to make your money go that much further.