February 10, 2021

For the Love of Trees

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It’s time to start thinking about a thoughtful and meaningful Valentine’s gift...so why not express how much you care by showing love for the environment at the same time. In place of chocolates or jewelry, try planting or purchasing a tree in someone's honor. One way that people can demonstrate their love for others is to plant a tree because the earth is in need of more green spaces, especially in urban areas. This is a gesture that will be remembered for generations to come, especially for people who understand the value of trees, and after all what is a stroll with your "Sweetheart" without a lane of tree cover above? 

TreeUtah and the Sugar House Park Authority are pleased to present the Commemorative and Memorial Tree Program at Sugar House Park. This program offers people the opportunity to honor friends and loved ones through the planting of a tree in Sugar House Park, adding to the beauty of Salt Lake City’s greatest landmarks. Requests for particular tree varieties will be considered; however, Sugar House Park Authority has final approval. Conifers or a Broadleaf/Deciduous will be planted. Plantings will occur during the spring (April 1st — June 30th) or fall (September 1st — November 30th). Small ceremonies may be arranged by the donor and groups are encouraged to participate in the physical planting itself. Information will be provided once a donor has made a commitment to planting a tree at Sugar House Park.

All gifts are processed through TreeUtah, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Individuals or groups wishing to have a commemorative or memorial tree planted at Sugar House Park should contact TreeUtah’s Planting Coordinator, Ian by email at . 

Trees provide the very necessities we rely upon. They clean our air, protect our drinking water, create healthy, loving communities to nurture the soul.