March 03, 2021

TreeUtah’s Annual Tree ID Snowshoe Hike!

Written by Libby Snethen - Education Coordinator

We are reaching the end of our snowy season, and that calls for TreeUtah’s annual Tree ID Snowshoe Hike! This past Saturday, dozens of tree enthusiasts gathered at Wasatch Mountain State Park decked out in warm layers to hike and talk about trees. Though I’ve been with TreeUtah for almost a year, this was my first time joining the tree hike, and I was beyond excited.

Wasatch Mountain State Park Ranger and Naturalist, Kathy Donnell, donned a magnificent tree hat and welcomed everyone to the event Saturday morning. Between our collective passion for trees and an eagerness to get outside with other people, I could tell that this was going to be awesome. Everyone strapped into our snowshoes, divided into groups, and set off down the trail in search of color-coded tags hanging from various trees.

Using a dichotomous key provided by Wasatch Mountain State Park, we identified ten different Utah trees and then shared tree facts about each one. As a TreeUtah staff member, I was pretty confident in my ability to identify the trees along the trail, but our group leader was outfitted with tree facts that blew us all away. For instance, did you know that Hawthorn is used to combat congestive heart failure? It can decrease blood pressure and can increase the strength of muscle contractions!

Just in case we weren’t already overflowing with love for trees, the Tree ID Snowshoe Hike reminded us why we do what we do. All of the fun facts and informative stories aside, it was just so lovely to share a lovely experience with friends old and new. If you were able to get outside this weekend, tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll also be doing a springtime tree ID hike this June, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for details and information about upcoming events.