February 11, 2022

Snowshoe Hike Recap

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Last Saturday, over 35 eager volunteers and TreeUtah and Wasatch Mountain State Park staff braved the chilly weather and gathered for our snowshoe hike. While our snowshoe hike ended up turning into an ice cleat hike, volunteers in several groups spent their morning exploring part of the beautiful and snowy 23,000 acres within Wasatch Mountain State Park.

In those groups, volunteers came upon ten different tagged trees on their hike. They used a dichotomous key to identify specific characteristics leading them to identify the species. Volunteers learned about tree facts specific to the identified trees such as the gambel oak, chokecherry, and the quaking aspen along with general tree facts from the staff member leading each group. We absolutely loved seeing the volunteers have such inquisitive minds and asked such thoughtful questions to further their knowledge about the trees in Utah. In case you missed this event, keep an eye out for similar ones in the future through our events page.

We would like to thank ChipDrop who sponsored this event. The first ten lucky people who arrived got a stylish and free orange ChipDrop beanie to don and keep off the chill during the hike on Saturday. When you sign up with chipdrop.com, arborists can deliver free, fresh, and local wood chips directly to you and even schools too. Eliminate the usual hassle involved with buying wood chips and sign up with ChipDrop. It is a simple and effective solution to help the overall health of your yard. 

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