May 30, 2019

Join TreeUtah Hiking!

Written by TreeUtah

TreeUtah is all about getting outside and getting into nature, join TU on one of our nature hikes and learn how to identify trees in Utah. Be sure to get information on our events page and pre-register! You can read about some of the many benefits of hiking below!

1. Hiking Makes You Happy

It can: “Improve your mood, decrease your anxiety and even improve your memory.” According to this 2014 Stanford University study, quoted in the LA Times.

2. Hiking Can Ward Off Depression

new study, also mentioned by the LA Times, says: “A 90 minute stroll in a natural environment can lead to measurable benefits for the brain, and may help combat depression.”

Though you need to hike while immersed in nature, as the scientists did not find the same benefits when hikers walked by a busy road with lots of traffic.

3. Hiking Makes You Less Stressed

This 2014 study, quoted in Outside, also found that going for a long walk combatted depression, while also helping people “mitigate the negative effects of stressful life events and perceived stress.”

4. It Helps You Solve Problems

“Spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent.” According to a 2012 study, cited by the Huffington Post.

5. It Boosts Memory

“After just an hour interacting with nature, memory performance and attention spans improved by 20%,” according to this 2008 University of Michigan study, cited in this Guardian piece.

6. It Helps You Think More Creatively

Scientists in 2014 showed that walking rather than sitting was key for new idea generation.

7. Hiking Gets You Fit

Especially if you hike briskly, making it a great low impact cardio activity. For those that care about calories, hiking will help you burn around 500 calories an hour.