July 25, 2019

Native Trees of Utah

Written by Eshan Narasipura

Although Utah is a desert, many trees found here are native to the land. Native trees are always the best option when considering what to plant because those trees are suited specifically for Utah’s climate. Some of the most common native trees around the Wasatch Front include:

  • Big Tooth Maple
    • This tree is what gives the Wasatch Mountains the beautiful fall colors come October. Can withstand a variety of climates up in the mountains and also down in the valley.
  •  Box Elder
    • This tree is extremely common because it can withstand all types of temperatures, and also grows relatively fast. Box Elders can grow up to 50 ft, and provide shelter for insects and birds. 
  • Rocky Mountain Juniper 
    • This Coniferous tree can be found all over the Wasatch Front due to its drought resistance. This tree also can be used for visual screening, shade, and noise dampening.
  • Aspen
    • Probably the most recognizable tree here in Utah. This tree often has “eyes” on its white bark  that watch over the forest! An aspen forest is considered one organism because all of the roots of each aspen tree connect to one “mother tree”. These trees, however, are not a long lived species.  
  • Blue Spruce
    • The State tree of Utah. Due to its waxy coating of the needles, in certain angles the tree looks blue variations of color. At full maturity in the wild, the tree can grow up to 135 ft and 30 ft wide!

From Eshan Narasipura, TU intern