August 12, 2019

The Value of Student Volunteerism! Real life skills!

Written by Jack Jacob, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering is something that every person should experience and take part in at some point in their lives. There are countless reasons to volunteer with charitable organizations: giving back and helping others, meeting new people, learning new skills, getting out of one’s own comfort zone, and much more. Everyone stands to benefit from volunteerism, from the communities in which the volunteering is taking place, to the organizations involved, to the volunteers themselves. 

For university students and young adults, the benefits of volunteerism run even deeper. Volunteering gives college students the opportunity to develop real work skills and experience that can translate to employment opportunities in the future. Here at TreeUtah, students that choose to volunteer with us are given the opportunity to interact with and learn from people with a broad range of professional and social backgrounds, allowing them not only to garner successful communication skills that will help them in their professional lives, but also to network with others who share their common interests and long-term goals. This is especially valuable for students attending universities out of state or far from where they originally grew up, as it can allow them to integrate themselves into communities beyond their community on campus. 

Further, volunteering as a university student has been shown to correlate with academic success. Students who volunteer regularly are more likely than their classmates and peers to report that they are doing well academically, as volunteerism can broaden a student’s perspective and give them and educational experience that moves beyond the experience that can be gained from a structured classroom setting. When volunteering with TreeUtah, students can learn new skills regarding working and interacting with others, as well as valuable information on environmental sustainability and the positive impact of planting trees, all while getting outside and having fun with other great people with similar interests, choosing to give back to their communities one tree at a time.

From Jack Jacob, Volunteer Coordinator