September 24, 2019

Winterizing Your Garden Tools Before Spring

Written by TreeUtah

You may have a few less shovels and garden tools than TreeUtah has but taking simple, preventive steps now before winter hits can extend the life of your garden tools and when springtime arrives you’ll be able to easily have them ready and working for your projects and spring clean up! 

Use a wire brush or steel wool to remove any dried dirt to prevent the rusting process, If any of your tools already have accumulated rust, you can also use piece of sandpaper to scrape it away. If the tool has a metal blade like a shovel, spade or hoe, sharpen using a whetstone or file after cleaning. 

For tools with wooden handles, you can use wax or natural oil to prevent the wood from splitting during winter temps.Store the tools in a dry spot in the garage, away from any moisture sources. Hand trowels and other small tools can be placed in a bucket of sand soaked in oil to further deter rust, and hang rakes and shovels or prop upright.