Please remember us in your will and trusts

A gift to TreeUtah from your estate can ensure the long-term success of our efforts while providing you and your heirs’ with the substantial benefits of more trees throughout Utah. Your planned gift will make Utah a greener, healthier place for future generations. Imagine a future for your community in which every neighborhood is leafy and inviting; where every home is cool and shaded; where every child can grow up with clean air and water.

Here are basic ways to set-up your future gift:

  • Add TreeUtah as a percent (%) or lump sum beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan. Your advisor or broker can give you a beneficiary change form and help you add a % gift to our organization and the remaining % to your other beneficiaries.
  • Put TreeUtah as a beneficiary on an account that you have at a financial institution. For example, if you have a CD at a bank, you can tell the bank to put TOD (transfer on death) on the account title and our organization’s name and tax ID# where the account will go to after you pass on.
  • Include TreeUtah in your will or estate plan. You can do this with your attorney.
  • If you need income from your assets, you can take cash or an investment and buy a charitable gift annuity (CGA). It will give you income for the rest of your life and the balance in the account will go to our organization when you die.

Those are the basic ways, yet there are many ways to save taxes, increase current income and give to charities at the same time. Please consult with your financial professionals to explore those more sophisticated options.

Please remember you will need to use our legal name, TreeUtah of Salt Lake City, and our Federal Tax ID Number (87-0474797) in your documents.

Your gift through your estate is more than a personal financial decision. It is your statement about what you value in life and how you want to make a difference in the community. A gift to TreeUtah will create a lasting legacy to inspire your own family, friends, and community with the legacy of beauty, shade and clean air to help others.

For more information please contact Amy May, Executive Director, at (801)364-2122 or .