TreeUtah encourages you to understand how to care for your trees year round! Below you can find tips on what trees to plant and how to care for them.

What Trees to Plant

There are many trees to choose from at local Utah nurseries. But some tree species get planted too often, and some not often enough. TreeUtah regularly researches what tree varieties are ideal for Utah’s urban places and updates this list.

New: White or Subalpine Firs are currently being decimated by an infestation of Balsam Wooly Adelgid (new since 2015).

All trees, even the most hardy and drought-resistant, will need extra water, care, and attention after transplanting, and until they become established (1-2 years). All recommendations are made with climate change in mind, though those under the heading “Climate-Adapted” are particularly well-suited to a hotter, drier future climate. This list is not exhaustive; many more trees may work in the situations described.

For more information on species, please visit Utah State University’s You can also visit

Tree Care Tips

Why plant trees?