Tree Planting is a fun and unique way to give back to the local community and make Utah a healthier, greener place to live, work, and play. Your business, church group, or community group is welcome to join us at one of our public tree plantings (for free!). Alternatively, you can sponsor your own special event. Many businesses choose to sponsor a planting or stewardship project as an annual team building event or community service project. 

Setting up special events and purchasing trees requires a lot of time and effort. The required minimum donation to sponsor tree plantings will be based on the number of trees to be planted. Each event is different depending on your vision and budget.

Events include the following benefits to your organization

  • Choose your own date and time
  • Recognition of your commitment to sustainability on social media, press releases, and on our website and e-newsletter
  • Team building by spending a few hours outdoors at a beautiful location
  • Your team just needs to show up ready to plant and we do the rest; even including coffee and bagels if you want.
  • You will get dirty and tired, but leave inspired!

TreeUtah offers two types of tree planting events which are chosen based on project need and availability. 

Community Planting

Teams will help plant large landscape trees in public places such as parks and other open spaces. Volunteers will help dig the holes and properly plant the new trees. Trees in parks provide places for contemplation, recreation and fun. With newly planted trees, these areas will help improve the air, lower temperatures in our cities and even reduce crime.

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Ecological Restoration

Restoration volunteers will assist in planting native seedlings to restore natural ecosystems. Site locations include the Jordan River Corridor and in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Your group will learn about the benefits of native forests and help restore sites to a natural state. These trees will clean our air and water as well as provide habitat for wildlife and a place for people to recreate.

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To learn more about sponsoring a tree planting, please contact us.